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PublicSQL is a SQL variant to be used in JavaScript. It allows using SQL commands for access of tables and databases direct in JavaScript. It works with the "Portable Table Format", a text format like the CSV-Format. The tables maybe passed by a CD. PublicSQL programs are executable without server extensions - the time-consuming database connection is not applicable. Also the access to remote tables is possible. And the best: PublicSQL is Open-Source-Software for free use.


Feb 28, 2020 - PTF Editor 1.5 available (german version)

With the PTF Editor you can create and edit your PTF files. The new version 1.5 can be downloaded now from the download page.
New in version 1.5:


Jan 15 2020 - PublicSQL Version 1.3 available

Version 1.3 of PublicSQL is available immediately.
The where condition now also supports the IS clause for boolean comparisons, e.g. . " SELECT * FROM kunden WHERE credit_rating IS true"
PublicSQL version 1.3 can now be downloaded from the download page.


Feb 27, 2013: PublicSQL Version 1.2.1 available

Version 1.2.1 of PublicSQL contains the follow modifications:


Article in Linux-Magazine (22. September 2010)

The October Issue of the Linux Magazine includes an article about PublicSQL. An example is available at


PTF Editor 1.0.4 (From 04. June 2010)

It's easy to create and copy your PTF-Files with the new PTF Editor available at the download page.


PublicSQL Version 1.1 available

Version 1.1 of PublicSQL contains the follow modifications:

PublicSQL is available from our download page.


Here you find the press release to PublicSQL (PDF format).